What is HOBIT

HOBIT is an interactive patented platform that simulates and augments experiments in optics.

It combines physical interaction and numerical simulation to enhance the understanding of complex phenomena.

It Can be used for Virtual Michelson, Interferometer, nonlinear optics, spectroscopy, etc


Our team.

HOBIT is the result of a collaborative work conducted in Bordeaux, France
Bruno Bousquet

Professor at Bordeaux University

Lionel Canioni

Professor at Bordeaux University

Jean-Paul Guillet

Ass. professor at Bordeaux University

Martin Hachet

Research director at INRIA Bordeaux


How it works?

HOBIT is an interactive table where you can plug any optical component that you want, like a laser, a mirror, a lens, a prism, a beamsplitter, a crystal, etc. You put the elements where you want, then you align the beam using the micrometer alignement screws present on the elements. All these parts contain electronics sensors whose positions are merged to a simulator providing a result equivalent to a real system.

Precise sensors

HOBIT is based on electronics sensors that capture the position of all elements and finely measure the position of encoders representing micro-metric screws of real systems.


Electronics only

When an optical element is placed on the table, it communicates with an electronic network that sends the data to a computer to do the simulation.


Real time simulation

A dedicated simulator has been developed to provide fast and accurate modeling of the beam propagation and interaction with the elements.


Edu benefits proven

The simulator has been tested at the Bordeaux University Technology Institute in collaboration with a researcher in pedagogy, Ass. Prof Stephanie Fleck. This published study has shown interest in teaching this system. CHI.pdf

See the first version of the system in video (today the new version is reconfigurable and not limited to Michelson interferometer)


Educational Benefits​

Large scale user study conducted at the Bordeaux University Technology Institute showed that HOBIT had a true benefit compared to a standard experiment in optics. This work, conducted in collaboration with an expert in Education Science, Stéphanie Fleck, was published at the prestigious ACM CHI conference, where it get a best paper award. CHI.pdf


Per Month

HOBIT Michelson interferometer was test on four groups of students described in Table 1



Per Month


Result of the UX questionnaire



Lastest news about HOBIT

Come to AR-VR Photonics West

You are welcome to test HOBIT at AR-VR Photonics West from Feb. 3 to Feb.4 2019 in San Francisco.



You can contact us here. In order to help us in the pre-industrialization process, you can pre-order her and tell us your potential project budget.
At AR-VR Photonics West

Come to AR-VR at Photonics West to test HOBIT (Feb 3 to 4)


HOBIT is a project from Bordeaux Campus. INRIA, Université de Bordeaux, AST, IDEX Bordeaux, IUT de Bordeaux and Technoshop Cohabit are involved in this projet.

Where to find us

Bordeaux, FRANCE

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